CCM Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee shall be responsible for providing financial, managerial, and programmatic oversight of the Global Fund grants, according to the functions delegated to it by the Afghan CCM. As part of the performance of its oversight responsibilities on behalf of the full ACCM, the OC:
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CCM Executive Committee

Under the leadership of the ACCM Chair and Vice Chairs, the Secretariat facilitates the day to day functioning of the ACCM. The Secretariat is directly accountable to the Chair of the ACCM Executive Committee
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The Global Fund

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CCM Membership

The ACCM shall be composed of up to 30 members from the Government, National Civil Society and International Organizations sectors. Members are classi...

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CCM Committees

The ACCM may choose to have committees or working groups devoted to specific areas such as governance, oversight, and technical topics, which will rep...

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CCM Functions

The mandate of the ACCM is to coordinate the preparation of concept notes to the GF; to review and approve them prior to submission; and to monitor an...

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ACCM Membership Election Process (Afghan Women Network) AWN

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