CCM Functions

The mandate of the ACCM is to coordinate the preparation of concept notes to the GF; to review and approve them prior to submission; and to monitor and guide the implementation of projects financed by the GF. The ACCM focuses on performance by linking GF resources to the achievement of clear, measurable, and sustainable results as per agreed monitoring indicators.

Membership in the ACCM is broadly representative of a variety of stakeholders, each representing an active constituency with an interest in one or more of the funded disease areas, i.e., HIV, TB and Malaria. The participation of communities, particularly those infected and directly affected by the three diseases, is critical for both the development of proposals and the implementation of the awarded grant funds.

While resources from the Global Fund are expected to support national policies, priorities and partnerships, ensuring that Global Fund resources are additional to existing resources available for HIV and AIDS, TB, malaria and health systems strengthening is a critical function of the ACCM. The ACCM should therefore build on mechanisms for planning at the national level, including financial gap analyses.

The ACCM will strengthen and reflect high-level, sustained, national multi-sector involvement and commitment to support the use of GF grants for substantial scaling up and increased coverage of proven interventions.