CCM Membership

The ACCM shall be composed of up to 30 members from the Government, National Civil Society and International Organizations sectors. Members are classified by the Sector and Constituency they represent.

ACCM membership is based on the principal of Representation, whereas no member of the ACCM represents their own individual views but rather members represent the views of their Government Ministry, International Agency or the Sector that they represent. Further National Civil Society membership is based on a Constituency model where Civil Society members of the ACCM need to actively seek input from and provide feedback to the constituency that they represent on the ACCM.

List of the members/Alternates, CCM Afghanistan

Government Constituency
No Name of and contact of Member Organization Designation Name and Contact           of Alternate Organization Designation
1 Dr. Ahmad Jan Naeem

Phone: 0700207826

Office: 0202301355

MoPH Senior Advisor for the Minister of Public Health, and CCM Chairman Dr. Abdul Qadir Qadir

Phone:   0799131689

MoPH GD of Policy and Planning
2 Dr. Bashir Ahmad Hamid

Phone: 0700292184

MoPH GD of Preventive Medicine and CCM Executive Committee Chair Dr. Abdul Hadi Hadi

Phone: 0700370036

3 Dr. Zulaikha Anwari

Phone: 0700034540

MoPH Director of Reproductive Health Dr. Hashiq Khan Sahadati

Phone:  0799547594

MoPH Director of Diagnostic Services
4 Dr. Roya Husainzada
phone ;  0799 384533

MoPH Head of CBHC Dr. Farzana Akbari

Phone: 0781532255

MoPH Director of Gender Dept
5 Dr. Shafiqullah Shahim

MoPH Director of AIDs Coordination and HSS Dr. Najla Ahrari

Phone: 0799302996

MoPH Assistant AIDs Coordination and HSS
6 Dr. Sayed Ataullah Saidzai

Phone:  0799338159

MoPH GD of HMIS Dr. Khuja Mir Islam Sayed

Phone: 700290955

MoPH Director of Grant Contract Management Unit
7 Dr. Deljan Farhat

Phone: 0700242837

MRRD Head of Gender Department and CCM Oversight Committee Chair N/A N/A N/A
8 Ms. Marghalary Khara

Phone: 0700288562

MoWA Head of Health, Social and Economic Project Coordination Ms. Monisa Jalali

Phone: 0728695450


MoWA Health consultant



Dr. Mohammad Osman Frotan

Phone:  0786660145

MoCN GD of Policy and Planning Ms. Razia Nazari

Phone:0 797758875

MoCN Head of Narcotic Drug Management Committee
10 Mr. Said Naser Hashimi

Phone: 0772218823

MoRAH Head of Islamic Research N/A N/A N/A
11 Dr. Khalid Habibi

Phone:  0789028936

State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs Medical Doctor Dr. Gul Chira Latifi

Phone: 0728889852

State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs Staff member of Human Resource Dept
12 Dr. Wazhma Salemi

Ministry of Finance N/A Mr Manzoor MoF N/A


International Organizations ML/BL Constituency
No Name of and contact of Member Organization Designation Name and Contact of Alternate Organization Designation
13 Dr. Najibullah Safi

Phone: 0777890855 / 0780005530

WHO Program Manager, Health System Development and CCM 1st vice chairman Dr. Reza ALOUDAL




Dr. Karen Edmond

Phone: 0798507600

UNICEF Chief of Health Dr. Khaksar Yousufi

Phone: 0798507606

15 Ms. Anubha Sood

Phone: 0799423570

UNODC Senior Program Officer Dr. Ziaurahman

Phone: 0794586622

UNODC National Project Coordinator DDR/HIV
16 Dr Abdul Naser Ikram


USAID N/A Diana Acosta


17 Dr. Fazal Mohammad Zameer

Phone: 0700200708

EU N/A Dr. Sefatullah Habib

EU Senior Program Manager-Health
Civil Society Organization
No Name of and contact of Member Organization Designation Name and Contact           of Alternate Organization Designation
18 Dr. Abdul Majeed Siddiqi

Phone: 0787888860

HealthNet TPO Head of Mission, Afghanistan Dr. Abdul Saboor Yousufzai

Phone:   0788303020

HealthNet TPO Program Development Director



19 Mohammad Naim Rassa

Phone: 0700596059 /07993111619

CAF General Director Dr. Nasir Ahmad Hamid


Phone: 0799215264

CAF Operation Director
20 Dr. Faiz Mohammad Atif

phone: 0799687925

Relief Humanitarian Development Organization (RHDO) General Director Dr. Mohammad Hamid Himat

Phone: 0708291955

Relief Humanitarian Development Organization (RHDO) Technical Manager
21 Dr. Humayon Safi

Phone: 0799027566

Solidarity for Afghan Families (SAF) General Director Dr. Naqibullah Bashari

Phone: 0795323300

Solidarity for Afghan Families (SAF) N/A
22 Dr. Sediqa Hofiani

phone: 0700269556


Women Health and Development Organization (WHDO/AWN) N/A Ms. Mariam Shah

Phone: 0783473114



23 Dr. Gulnar Rasheedi

Phone: 0708322687

AWN Member of Health Committee and CCM 2nd Vice Chair Massoma Jafari

phone:  0796858875

24 Mr. Waheedullah Hemat

Phone: 0799724880

Afghanistan Patient Association (APA/PLWDTB) Member of APA Mr. Mohammad Arif Hemat

Phone: 0799724881

Afghanistan Patient Association (APA/PLWDTB) Director of APA
25 Dr. Nader Naadim

Phone: 0700624359/ 0783729812

Health Promotion and Research Organization (HPRO/PLWD Malaria ) General Director Haji Noorullah Shams

Phone: 0700247107 / 0783729808

Health Promotion and Research Organization (HPRO/PLWD Malaria ) Operations/Administrative Manager


Mr. Idris Azizi

Phone: 0783327558


OTCD /PLWD PLWDHIV Mr. Abdurraheem Rejaey

Phone: 0789146467

Bridge(BHHO/PLWHIV) Development Worker
27 Dr. Mirzaman Malakzai

Phone: N/A

Youth Health & Development Organization (YHDO/ KAP HIV) HIV NFM Project Manager Dr. Habib Rahman Ghafoory

Phone: 786 479 713 / 772 375 795

AADA Head of M&E


28 Dr. Said Habib Arwal

Phone: 0700605071 / 0700604505

Khatiz Public Health Association (KPHA/ KAPTB) Chairperson of KPHA Mr. Razi khan


Khatiz Public Health Association (KPHA/ KAPTB) Member of KPHA
29 Dr. Mohammad Hashim Wahaj

Phone: 0799328317

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) Director, Health Services Committee N/A N/A N/A
30 Dr. Mirwais Haqmal

Phone: 0700606318

Academy of Sciences Director of Medical Sciences Center Dr. Abdul Ghani Basirat

phone: 0775382138

Academy of Sciences Member of Medical Sciences Center


No. Full Name Gender Nationality CCM Role Position Title Organization
1 H.E.Ahmad Jan Naeem Male Afghan Chair Deputy Minister of Policy &P Planning Ministry of Public Health
2 Dr.Abdul Wali Ghayur Male Afghan Member Senior Advisor Ministry of Public Health
3 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
4 Dr. Mir Islam Sayed Male Afghan Member Head of GCMU
Grant& Services Contract Management Unit
Ministry of Public Health
5 Dr. Sarah Safi Female Afghan Member Director of Planning Department Ministry of Public Health
6 Dr. Farzana Akbari Female Afghan Member Director of Gender Department Ministry of Public Health
7 Ms. Mahrukh Yousufzai Female Afghan Member Head of Social and Economic Services Coordination Dept. Ministry of Women Affairs
8 Dr. Zakia Khalil Habid Female Afghan Member Staff of Health Department Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development
9 Mr. Sayeed Naseer Hashemi Male Afghan Member Member of Scientific Board Directorate Ministry of Religious Affairs and Hajj
10 Dr. Mohammad Osman Frotan Male Afghan Member Director of Policy& Planning Ministry of Counter Narcotics
11 Mr. Zarin Sultani Male Afghan Member Director of Human Resources State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs
12 Dr. Najibullah Safi Male Afghan Member Program Manager Health System Development World Health Organization
13 Dr. Karen Edmond Female United States Member Chief of Health United Nations Children’s Fund
14 Mr. Colhoun Mark Colhoun Male United Kingdom Member Deputy Representative / Senior Law Enforcement Advisor United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
15 Mr. Christian Fung Male United States Member HSS Team Lead USAID
16 Mr. Gabriel Leonte Male Member Head of Section- Health and LLRD European Union Delegation to Afghanistan
17 Dr. Farhad Paiman Male Afghanistan Member General Director OHPM
18 Dr. Abdul Majeed Siddiqi Male Afghanistan Vice Chair Head of Mission HNTPO
19 Dr. Abdul Malok Khalili Male Afghanistan Member General Director MOVE Welfare Organization
20 Dr. Qudratullah Nasrat Male Afghanistan Member Chief Executive Officer Organization for Research and Community Development (ORCD)
21 Mr. Abdurraheem Rejaey Male Afghanistan Member BRIDGE Development Worker BRIDGE
22 Dr. Mohammad Arif Hemat Male Afghanistan Member Head of Operation /Medical Coordinator LEPCO
23 Mr. Waheedullah Hemat Male Afghanistan Member Member of the TB Patients Association Afghanistan Patients Association (APA)
24 Dr. Mohammad Nader Nadim Male Afghanistan Member General Director Health Protection & Research Organization (HPRO)
25 Mr. Idris Azizi Male Afghanistan Member PLWD OTCD
26 Dr. Maryam Ahmadi Female Afghanistan Member Member of Health Committee Afghan Women Network (AWN)
27 Dr. Gulnar Rasheedi Female Afghanistan Vice Chair Member of Afghan Women Network (AWN) Afghan Women Network (AWN)
28 Dr. Mohammad Hashim Wahaj Male Afghanistan Member Director, Health Services Committee Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI)
29 Dr. Abdul Raheem Wardak Male Afghanistan Member Head of Scientific, Center of Medical Sciences Academy of Sciences

CCM Membership List (Members & Alternates)

List of  Executive Committee  Members CCM, Afghanistan

S No Name Organization Constituency Role in EC


Telephone Email
1 Dr. Bashir Ahmad Hamid MoPH GOV     Member 0700292184
2 Ms. Marghalary Khara MoWA GOV Member 0700288562
3 Dr. Faiz Mohammad Atif RHDO NGO Member 0799687925
4 Dr. Said Habib Arwal KPHA KAP/TB Member 0700605071
5 Dr. Fazal Moh. Zameer EU BL Member 0700200708
6 Dr. Karen Edmond UNICEF ML/BL Member 0798507600
7 Dr. Nader HPRO    NGO(PLWD) Member 0783729812